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IT Consultancy

IT Consultancy

Have you thought of anything about the IT infrastructure of your company? Is it 100% secured? Is it efficient? You can contact us for either to check your system by us or to fix an existing problem in your system. For those who’ve just started to develop an infrastructure of his organization, our support would be best to get an efficient solution and after sale service. Our consultancy includes:

Network Consultancy:

Our technical knowledge and experience ensures we can design, install, maintain and protect high quality, cost effective for companies of every size and sector across the world.

Network Installation design:

Based upon years of experience and understanding of different networks and innovative network design, TechnoVilla Solutions Limited can provide a bespoke installation for every customer’s requirements. We pride ourselves on our structured and planned approach to network upgrades allowing minimal downtime together with the seamless integration of older networks.

Network management:

Proactive network management is designed not only to support business IT networks but also to anticipate and pre-empt any problems that may occur. As nearly every customer’s network varies, so do their needs. We identify critical areas to help maintain system performance and uptime.

Management and monitoring:

As a part of our service it is important that TechnoVilla Solutions Limited looks after the core parts of your network and understand problem generally before the customer is aware of them. We achieve this by constant remote monitoring of the servers and resources important to the business.

Network Security

Security is one of the key factors in preventing IT downtime, and hence we always keep this issue in mind while maintaining, designing and developing the network so that it can be secured by 100%.

Network Upgrade/Integration:

A network upgrade can often be held back due to key factors such as downtime, cost and whether the solution is viable for your company. However TechnoVilla Solutions Limited takes sufficient time to understand your requirements, your applications and your overall business needs and then in turn implement a solution in a controlled and professional manner.

Mail server configuration:

TechnoVilla Solutinos Limited have the wide range of experience in mail server configuration. Have developed, maintained and managed several mail servers for local clients. Here we’d offer you the best rate and please contact us for quote. Clients are the key to our business and we always keep that in mind.

In one word we’d say: why should you choose our service? Because we care for our honorable clients.